Our Story

First off with this blog I want to give you a little history on our story. I am married to William who is a dairy farmer. We got married on December 10th, 2016. We are expecting our first child in April 2018! We also just expanded our dairy farm for the two (soon to be three) of us. I am a sales representative at our local telephone cooperative.

How I met William is quite an interesting story. When I was born my parents lived in a small town named Nelson, MN, about 6 miles east of Alexandria. We lived there until I was about 4 years old, then at that time my parents made the decision to move to Brandon, MN which is about 12 miles west of Alexandria. My parents moved a house into the middle of a plowed corn field (no I am not kidding!). We planted trees, built a garage, and moved on numerous buildings. The next year you couldn’t even tell that the previous year we were literally in the middle of a plowed field with no trees, just a house and driveway. Anyways our neighbors consisted of my dads parents north of us about a mile, and my great grandma south of us a half of a mile. It was perfect; then we got to know our neighbors to the east. We met this great couple who ran a dairy farm and had five children. Three of the children were older than me and two were younger. The oldest daughter Maria, offered to babysit us so my mom took her up on that, years down the road I started to babysit the youngest daughter, Michelle. Throughout all of that my brother and I spent a lot of time at their farm, playing, getting animals ready for the local fair, watching them work on their race cars, helping feed calves, and many other things. With spending so much time over there, the oldest son caught my eye, William. I was in 6th grade, and he was in 10th at the time, so even though I had the BIGGEST crush on him I knew it wouldn’t ever turn out to be more than just a crush. I spent more and more time at the farm with his sisters and admired him every single time I seen him. He gave me butterflies before I even knew what it was like to love someone, let alone talk to a guy a few years older than me. A couple of years  later he went off to college while I was finishing high school, I stopped obsessing over him as much because guys closer to my age started showing interest and I knew there was not a chance I’d get to be with him (boy was I wrong!). I started dating a guy who was closer to my age, but the relationship was horrible, which I didn’t realize fully until after we broke up. I was depressed during this relationship, was called names no one should ever have to be called, and was pushed/ thrown onto the ground one time. To sum it up it was the worst part of my life thus far, I finally got the nerve to break up with him after almost 3 years, and I was broken. I was lost, everything I thought was true love was a lie, I didn’t know how I was suppose to be treated, and I didn’t know where life was going to take me. I lost almost every bit of faith in God, which is my biggest regret. Then I opened my heart to God, and He came through for me like he always has and will always continue to. William started coming over to see my brothers race car, and I started going back to the farm to see his youngest sister Michelle. Somehow we started texting and decided to hang out. One of our first “dates” was going to Ogilive to the races, it rained out that night but it was still great for me anyways. I was super shy around William because of how much he intimidated me, because of how much I already loved him yet I didn’t even really know him, it was scary yet exciting. I didn’t talk much that trip, he did all of the talking which he still gives me heck for to this day! We kept hanging out and the rest was history, he asked me to be his girlfriend October 11th, 2013, he asked me to be his wife April 16th, 2016, we got married December 10th, 2016, and we are now expecting our first child in April 2018.

I thank God every single day for this man, he treats me better than I could’ve ever imagined being treated and he loves me with his whole heart. He has opened my heart to God, who is the center of our marriage, and he has opened my heart to loving more than I could’ve ever imagined loving someone. Its mind blowing that each day I don’t think I could love William anymore, then the next day, I do. Its amazing, and I can’t wait to see how much love I have for our child, and how much more I will love him when I see him as a father.

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